About Us

UpgradeMemory.com was founded by four computer memory industry veterans with a combined 35 years of experience working with RAM. We created UpgradeMemory.com with two goals in mind: Selling high-quality, 100% compatible memory to end users for use in their home and work computers, and to create a site with great informational resources to help customers make more informed decisions about upgrading their computer memory.

With those goals in mind, we built one of the most comprehensive memory databases in the industry, with memory solutions for almost 15,000 desktops, laptops, servers and more! We made sure to include more than just basic specifications and part numbers. We added lots of information about your computer, our memory, and any specific tips for upgrading your system. To complement our detailed specifications, we have also created articles, FAQs and guides to help you learn as much as you've ever wanted to know about computer memory!

Besides great informational resources, we sell memory that uses high-quality components, and we back it up with a 30-day money-back guarantee, as well as a lifetime warranty. We only use major-brand chips and circuit boards for our memory and we program our RAM to be compatible with specific systems. This ensures the highest possible level of compatibility with thousands of computers.

Located in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, UpgradeMemory.com is a rapidly growing authority in the computer memory market. We are constantly working to be the most innovative company in the business while maintaining exceedingly high standards for technical and informational excellence. We look forward to being your memory provider for many years to come!

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Noticeably improve your system's performance or your money back

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100% compatible memory for your system

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7 levels of rigorous testing and a lifetime warranty

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